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OKI Printers

When it comes to choosing a printer, there are numerous things to take into consideration – and the first factor is the brand of the machine itself.

At TonerParts, we stock a whole range of different printer manufacturers, and whilst these brands do share different functions and features.

Some manufacturers are specialized in certain areas more so than others.

One of the most popular brands is OKI. Popular with both home and business users.

OKI printers are famous for one thing in particular – fantastic color.

That’s right. Over the years, OKI have become recognized for their vibrant and attractive prints and for many customers, this advantage is a huge selling point.

For this reason, OKI printers are especially popular with customers wanting to print eye-catching marketing materials, or striking graphics. With OKI, you can be sure that your color prints will stand out among the rest.

OKI LED Printers

LED (Light emitting diode) printers are similar to laser printers. Like a laser printer, they use a drum, toner and a fuser, and provide crisp and attractive output. An LED printer is designed to use toner and a rotating photosensitive drum to print. Unlike a laser printer, they use an array of LEDs instead of a laser beam.  But laser printers use a laser beam to sweep across each line of the page to apply the static charges.

LED printers draw the image one entire line at a time by using flashing an LED array. A LED array flash at different times to create the image. Since there are less moving parts, LED printers are more reliable than laser printers over time. They are also smaller and lighter so they appeal to those working in smaller offices. LED printers possess the same advantages and disadvantages of laser printers. 

Okidata Printers

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