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Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges

What is a Compatible Toner Cartridge?

A Compatible toner cartridge is a cartridge that is not produced by the "Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These toner cartridges are designed to meet or even exceed the standards set by the OEM in terms of performance, Print Quality and page yield. To achieve this, the making and quality level of the Inkjet Ink or Laser Toner is crucial. Low Price Ink Cartridges and Printer Toner Cartridges in Canada

We are a number one source for reasonably priced Canada toner and ink cartridges. No matter what type of cartridge you want, we have an affordable solution for all your printing needs. Our goal is to provide good quality ink cartridges for your printers at the lowest possible price. Moreover, we also offer discount coupons to our regular customers. We provide our customers with a discount coupon code that needs to be filled in to get the available discounts. Our customer service department will be more than happy to answer any of your queries. Huge savings can be done on Printer Ink and Toner cartridges costs by buying our compatible cartridges instead of OEM cartridges. Our Compatible ink cartridges and Toner Cartridges are also in general a bit cheaper than "Remanufactured Cartridges".
By comparing our cartridges with OEM cartridges you will get the following results:

A- Our Compatible Inks are between 30% - 70% cheaper compared to OEM inks.
B- Our Compatible Cartridge are between 30% - 60% cheaper compared to OEM toners.
Wide Range of Printer Cartridges Toner in Canada & USA

Whether you want printer cartridges for Inkjet Printers or LaserJet Printer; we have different types of cartridges available in our stock. This is one of the reasons why all our deliveries are made on time. We are popular for our punctuality as well as for our good customer support services. We also provide our customers with ways to track their orders. We value your time and understand the importance of timely deliveries.

Money Back Guarantee

As far as the return of sold products is concerned, we have a very simple procedure and negligible fee for it. You can return a non-defective product within 30 days from the purchase date and we will return your money. We provide a 100% money back guarantee for defective ink or toner cartridge. Canada or US, wherever you are, you can return a defective product sold by us within 30 days from the purchase date and take your money back.

All Purpose Printer Cartridges for Excellent Prints

For office or personal printers, HP printer cartridges are simply one of the best. Moreover, you are sure to get the best deal if you buy your HP cartridges from us. At TonerParts, we provide best quality products at a reasonable price.

We provide all HP cartridges for black LaserJet series or color LaserJet series. Our stock of ink toners has everything to fulfill your printing needs. Whether you want original toner cartridges or compatible toner cartridges, you can rely on us as far as quality, genuineness of the product, and price are concerned. We offer free shipping and our return or exchange policies also favor our customers to a great extent. Our customers come back to us because of our good quality, wide range of products and reasonable prices.

Get HP Toner and HP Ink Cartridges and Get Value for Money

You can probably get a third part refill instead of a original HP Ink cartridge for less than half the price. What you do not get to see is the hidden costs involved with a refill. When you refill your ink cartridge, you are settling for inferior quality ink that cannot guarantee you quality prints nor can it guarantee you long life prints. Original cartridges and HP toner for your Laser Jet printers deliver excellent quality prints and last twice as long compared to a refill. At tonerparts we insist on quality products and original HP products are the way to go.

Quality that is Environmental Friendly

When you get an original HP ink, and not a refill, you can be sure that you have not purchased something that can harm the environment. We are environment-responsible and insist that you also make your purchases after giving our environment a thought. Now quality prints that last long are the norm of the day without worrying about your carbon footprint. We encourage you to share our thought with the best deals on HP ink cartridges and HP toner here at tonerparts.

Importance of Genuine Cartridges

If you are looking to buy laser printer cartridges for your laser jet printers, then ensure that you only buy genuine ones sold by quality vendors like tonerparts. A third party cartridge fix up may be cheap to get but it would in the long run cost you more. For instance a third party laser printer cartridge is more likely to fail or jam your printer. You may also not get the guarantee on the cartridges. In addition to that, third party vendors provide you with toner cartridges which are not full. Also these do not last as long as a genuine cartridge. So for every genuine cartridge you buy, you may have to purchase three third party cartridges.

Quality of Printing with Genuine Laser Cartridge

Laser jets are used in offices and other commercial establishments where quality is of importance. If you were to print with third party laser cartridge, the quality is going to be bad and if you were to give these prints to somebody else, you are going to make a bad impression. The material used by third party vendors is substandard and not just lacks quality, but it also does not meet the standards of environment friendliness. So it is important that you get your cartridges from a quality provider like tonerparts.

Taking Care of Your Toner Canada Cartridges

Laser jet printers use a fine powder to print as against actual ink, unlike inkjet printers. This fine powder is called toner. The toner cartridges are available from printer manufactures themselves and can directly be installed in the printer. Installing it is no pain, but caring for it requires effort. Before you install cartridge, shake it a few times. Subjecting the cartridge to extreme cold or heat, will distort the plastic and this in turn will affect functioning of the cartridge. This also affects the toner and how it interacts with the paper.

Buying Genuine Ink & Canada Toner Cartridges

It is very important to stress that you insist only on buying genuine ink & toner cartridge for your printer. Third party cartridges do not give you quality prints and they do not last as long as a genuine cartridge. Plus, third party refills often use harmful material that does not meet any environmental standard. You can\'t also complain if the toner does not work. Hence to get the most value for your money and the best quality prints for extended period of time, get your cartridges from a quality provider like tonerparts. THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR PRINTER REQUIREMENTS Whether you are looking for printer cartridges, printer parts or Toner supplies, Toner Parts is the place to go. We stock a wide variety of supplies, including of leading brands such as HP, Dell, Epson and IBM.

Printer Cartridges and Toner Supplies

Our website allows you to easily browse through printer supply specifications via brand name. Each product has a write up, which tells you about the product and which machines it is compatible with. We stock printer supplies, such as Inkjet Cartridges, as well as toner supplies for photocopiers and laser printers. It is important to use the correct Printer Cartridge to ensure that your printer delivers the best quality it can offer. Using toner cartridges that are not specified by the company or not genuine will result in poor printing quality and may even reduce the life of your printer or photocopying machine. If you are looking for a Toner Montreal or Toner Toronto company with a wide variety of supplies of guaranteed quality, that will ensure that your printing is always legible, neat and of the highest quality, look no further than Toner Parts. We stock MICR toners, compatible with Canon, Dell, HP and Lexmark.

Our Other Products

Besides Ink Cartridges and toner supplies, we also stock a number of related products, so you don't need to go to several shops to obtain all your supplies. We stock maintenance kits for printers, including for HP, Lexmark, Panasonic, Sharp, Konica-Minolta and Toshiba. These maintenance kits come with step by step instructions and appropriate supplies, allowing you to preserve the condition of your printer, without having to engage the services of a maintenance engineer. We also stock smart chips, SD cards and USB devices. Easy online shopping

Once you know what supplies you require for your printer, you can just visit our website, add the products to your shopping basket and purchase them online, all from the comfort of your home or office. You can then be rest assured that genuine products are on their way to you. We also offer live online support and a dedicated customer care telephone line, so there are always experts at hand should you require some assistance or clarification. Further, all your online orders can be easily tracked, so you know when exactly to expect your delivery.