An ‘Ink or Toner’ Cartridge For Your Printing Needs

Among all the Printer Supplies, using the right type of cartridge for your printer to work well is most important. It is also vital to know that ink and toner cartridges are completely different from each other and have their distinct features and uses.


Ink or Toner Cartridge The Difference between Ink and Toner
Ink cartridges contain a dye-based or a pigment-based ink. The dye-based ink is traditionally used in most Inkjet printers since it is cost-effective, produces vibrant colors and bright strong images. Since they aren’t water-resistant they can smudge easily and fade over time. On the other hand, pigment-based ink cartridges dry quickly and are waterproof. They are preferred by professional photographers because they lend a crisp finish and maintain their hue for a very long time. Printer Ink Toners are a dry powder-like substance which doesn’t stain easily.

A black toner cartridge is used in monochrome laser printers while color laser printers use four separate colored toner cartridges to print. A most vital component is the drum unit that fuses the toner onto the paper. The drum unit is usually built-in with the toner cartridge or sold separately. Separate drum units can be changed after the use of 4 toners which works out to be more cost-effective than replacing a built-in one every time.

The Difference between Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers
Inkjet printers are usually used by families and small offices since it prints quality documents, images, and photographs in small volumes. Printer Toner Canada sells all-in-one Inkjet printers which function as a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine too. Some printers may require only two cartridges like a black and a tri-color while others require individual ink cartridges which can be replaced as and when they run low. For high volume printing needs, the laser printer is the best solution.

Suitable for businesses and schools, it prints both text and color images. The powdery quality of toner cartridges is not recommended for printing of photos because of their dull finish. Monochrome laser printers print only in black while color printers add color to everyday printing. Multifunction laser printers can also perform additional functions of scanning, fax, and copying. Many of the newer models are Wi-Fi compatible, making them accessible by laptop or phone.

Whether you are choosing HP Toner Cartridges or ink cartridges, find the one that suits your needs and your budget.

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