Answers to Four Common Questions about Compatible Printer Cartridges

Looking for ways to reduce costs on printer ink or toner? One of the best ways to reduce cost per copy is by using compatible printer cartridges. Compatible ink and toner cartridges are not OEM sourced but can be almost as good or as good as their original counterparts and available at lower prices. It’s likely you have questions about using these products, so here are the answers to the most common questions.

Will Using Them Null Printer Warranty?
Compatible printer ink and printer toner in Canada have been popular choices in recent years because many consumers have realized that the long term cost of using original printer cartridge replacements can rival the cost of the printer itself. The use of a compatible or ‘generic’ printer cartridge will not void the printer’s warranty, whether you’re using a Brother, Canon, HP, Dell or any other leading brand printer. As long as your non-OEM printer cartridge does not damage your printer’s components, you are good to go.

How Is The Print Quality?
At the same times, it’s important to remember that not all aftermarket laser printer toner or ink cartridges are equal. Quality can vary from absolute rubbish to something that’s very close to the genuine cartridge. It’s quite possible that a poor quality printer ink or toner cartridge could damage your printer. Hence, it’s essential to purchase compatible printer cartridges from a reliable supplier that offers high quality compatibles with reasonable pricing.

Do All Of Them Guarantee Good Results?
When it comes to the print quality of compatible cartridges for printer ink and printer toner in Canada, you’ll find that particular compatibles work better for some brands and models. The key is to do research and find out the best generic printer cartridge for your machine. Some users find that the results for photo printing vary slightly when using compatible printer cartridges but if slight differences don’t matter for you, they are a good option.

How Long Do They Last?
The shelf life of a good quality compatible laser printer toner or laser printer ink cartridge is no different than what a genuine branded printer cartridge offers. Generally speaking, they last a few years, depending on usage. You may find that toner in compatible cartridge settles or stiffens but all it takes is a gentle shake to loosen it.

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