Four Tips to Help You Decide Between Ink and Toner Cartridges

Which type of printer or printer cartridge are you looking to buy? It’s important to understand the differences between various types of printer cartridges in Canada to make the right purchase decision.

1. Toner is Cost Effective in Long Run

Toner Cartridge
Many home businesses and small businesses are increasingly investing in laser printers, ink and toner in Canada. Laser printers give out prints quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. You can usually get thousands of prints from a single toner cartridge that laser printers use. Toner is a fine, dry powder that transfers onto paper via an electrostatically charged drum unit. Toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges, especially colored toner cartridges, but consumers can save money in the long run due to their higher yield.

2. Laser Printers Provide Quick, Precise Results

Printers toner parts
If you desire high-speed results, high yield and accurate printing of text with intricate details or small font, laser printers that use toner in Canada may be a better choice. Unlike ink cartridges that can dry out, toner does not become dry over time. Laser printers from leading brands are available with a full toner package and also include extended warranties for peace of mind. Modern laser printers have fewer moving parts which makes them more reliable than traditional print systems.

3. How Ink Cartridges Work

Ink Cartridges
Ink technology based color printers too have their advantages. Inkjet printer cartridges contain different-colored liquids. Ink is deposited onto a page via microscopic nozzles located in the print head of the inkjet printer. One of the advantages of ink cartridges is that they are small and easy to replace. Many customers find that they get great value from a color printer with four separate cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, yellow) because you can replace a particular color that is running low without replacing the entire system.

4. Suitable for Occasional Use

Printers toner parts
Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers, which makes them cost-effective solutions for homes and small businesses. You can usually get a few hundred prints out of a single ink cartridge, which is quite reasonable if you’re not a heavy user. When it comes to printing black and white text in font sizes 12pt and upwards, there isn’t much to choose between them – both produce quality results. When it comes to drawbacks, some consumers complain that inkjet printers clog easily, resulting in smudgy prints and they often have less paper capacity.

If you need more assistance to arrive at the right choice, contact knowledgeable experts working in the technical department of an online supplier!

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