How to RESET Brother BU300CL Transfer Belt Counter for HL-4150, HL-4570, MFC-9460, MFC-9560, MFC-9970

Transfer Belt is a rotating belt that carries the image which is a mixture of different colors of toner particles to the paper surface before the paper reach into the fuser unit.
The belt unit (BU300CL) in your Brother machine has a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 pages when printing on letter size media. Its actual life expectancy will vary with the type of media used in the machine, number of pages in a print job, etc.
Please note that the belt unit must be replaced when the machine displays 'Change Parts Belt Unit'.

Brother Transfer Belt BU300CL-TPBrother BU300CL Transfer Belt

Failure to replace the belt unit may result in print quality issues or paper jams.

After the belt unit is replaced, the belt counter must be reset to zero otherwise the machine will NOT automatically reset the belt life counter.

Read the following steps carefully to reset the belt counter.
Please note that the belt counter should reach to the last count (printer should stop working), then you can see the counter reset menu.

To check the life remaining on the current belt unit:

  1. Press the OK key two times to select Print Settings.
  2. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Parts Life.
  3. Press the OK key.
  4. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Belt Unit.
  5. Press the OK key. 'Belt Life Remaining' appears on the display.
  6. Press the CANCEL key to return to the main screen. 

- If the Belt Life shows it has NOT reached the end of its life, no further actions are needed.
- If the Belt Life shows it has reached the end of its life, perform the following steps:
NOTE:  The reset option will NOT be present in the menu if the belt is not ready to be replaced.

  1.  Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Machine Info.
  2.  Press the OK key.
  3.  Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Reset Parts Life.
  4.  Press the OK key.
  5.  Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Belt Unit.
  6.  Press the OK key two times.

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