Importance of Recycling Inkjet and Laser Toner Cartridges

According to the experts, it has been estimated that every year human population is dumping almost 350 million cartridges in landfills. These cartridges includes every type of toner such as laser toner cartridges, inkjet toner cartridges etc. This act by human is causing an adverse effect on the environment. It is also disturbing the buyer’s economics of purchasing cartridges.

Recycling is a Good Idea

In a survey conducted by the experts it has been suggested that almost ninety percent of cartridges are not recycled. They are simply dumped in open or are thrown into the trash once the ink of the cartridges gets depleted. This number of not recycled cartridges is increasing at the rate of 10 % every year. Every year more and emptier ink cartridges and toner are finding their place in landfills. The most important reason behind this is the ever increasing use of printer for documentation purpose in offices, organizations, institutes, companies and at various other places.

Design and development of cartridges is a very complex process. A large amount of raw materials that consist of various chemicals and metals are utilized in manufacturing a single piece of cartridges and toners. So this cartridges and toners can’t be discarded and dumped by just throwing them in landfills. As most discarded cartridges still have some percentage of metals and chemicals such as lead left in them which can easily seep into the ground and can cause widespread soil damage.

It is estimated by scientist and experts that throwing discarded cartridges and toner can cause disastrous effect on the environment. According to them human beings should make efforts to recycle these cartridges and toners in an appropriate and safe manner. For various other reasons recycling of cartridges and toners is a very good idea.

Economic Benefits to Recycling

Apart from environmental benefits, there are various other economical benefits associated with recycling the cartridges and toners. It is estimated that the biggest benefit will be seen in the dip in price of new cartridges and toners. There are also various other long term benefits associated with recycling or reusing the cartridges and toners.

If you own any printer and you don’t want to waste or throw away your unused or depleted cartridges and toners, then the best option for them is refilling of these cartridges and toners. Then there are many local office stores where you can easily refill your cartridges and toners. Many times various cartridges and toner manufacturing companies are even offering attractive schemes. This is done to promote the habit of recycling in consumers.

Importance of the Process

After going through this article most of the readers must have understood the importance of recycling inkjet and various kind and type of cartridges. The best thing about doing so is that you can do a great service to the environment and mankind.

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