Laser Printers: Reliable, Easy-to-use, Durable, Quick and Economical

Laser printers are categorized according to their size and output. Their characteristics and usage also differ. Here is a look at them

Personal Laser Printers
Small and designed to fit snugly on a desk alongside other computer equipment, the personal laser printer is made to be used by a single user. It can be connected to just one computer system or to a terminal for multi- usage. The tray can hold about 100 sheets and print about 4 sheets per minute. Personal printers are equipped with a standard Centronics parallel communications port which is used to connect with your computer. The Toner Cartridge Refill can be easily replaced and its cartridge socket can be used to insert a ROM cartridge containing additional fonts.

Office Laser Printer
Typically larger than a personal printer, it can be shared among a group of users catering to a wide number of applications. The input tray can hold close to 250 sheets and has the option of attaching a second feeder tray. It provides the option of allowing two computers to be attached at the same time. An expansion slot can support another four users and its communications slot enables a number of configurations to be possible.

Workgroup Laser Printers
These printers are designed to be shared among several users. The printer is large and needs to be standing on the floor, it prints very quickly almost about 15 – 30 prints per minute. Most of the time computer networks are used to connect the various computers. A built-in hard disk with extra fonts is used to cater to varied requirements. A Laser Printer Toner facilitates high continuous output. One of the key features of the workgroup printer is the provision of job separation to differentiate the several print jobs assigned by different users.

Production Laser Printer
These are large devices that require a dedicated operator. They can run continuously the entire day and are excellent at providing high volume printing very fast. The feeders hold large volumes of paper that are cut as they enter the printer. This guarantees that you can print thousands of sheets without worrying about reloading. They either use a communications interface or Ethernet for connectivity. Toner Canada production printers also provide a number of ‘print finishing’ jobs which include folding, cutting, scoring, laminating, embossing, binding and perforating.

Color Laser Printers
Color printers are akin to specialized workgroup printers. Since the speed of printing in color is relatively low they are only used for that purpose and not for regular printing. Most of the color laser printers can be connected through a Centronics parallel port as well as through various networks. They are much larger in size and the difference between them and Inkjet printers are one of Ink and Toner usage.

Highlight Color Laser Printer
This printer provides a ‘highlight color’ which means that two colors can be placed on the paper in one pass. One color is normally black while the other one can vary. Two different color toners are applied on to the photoreceptor at the same time creating the highlight effect. Apart from being technically superior, it is also very visually effective.

Ever evolving, Laser printers are precise, inkless and fast and that makes them a great addition to your home or office.

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