New Printing Technology Provides Affordable and Efficient Options

By using a powdered substance called toner, laser printers can print an entire page of content. The types of Printer Toners available for use depends on the machine and the kind of output you desire.

Monocomponent and Dual Component
There are two main forms of toner outputs for both laser printers and copiers. Monocomponent devices use a single cartridge containing a toner and a drum. The toner consists of coloring agents, additives to ensure flow, magnetic particles and powdered plastic. On the other hand, dual component devices separate the magnetic particles and place them in a developer to be used.

Color and Monochrome
Until recently, color laser printers were expensive devices used primarily for the workplace. The complex technology, operating costs and the use of colors meant that not everybody could afford it. Today, newer cheaper devices that print both in black and color have made an emergency in our homes. Color Printer Toners in Canada contain cyan, magenta, yellow and black that can fuse on to paper either individually or at the same time. The oil emitted during this fusing gives the output a shiny appearance.

A special toner used to imprint checks with the date, amount, payee and other special markings are used by the banking sector. The toner has special magnetic properties that enable it to be read by a MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition device. When not in use this device must be stored in a lightfast container and used only for the purpose it was intended for.

Traditional Toner Case Cartridges
This type of Toner Cartridge is encased in a plastic packaging mechanism which includes a toner roller. Once slid into the printer, the cartridge locks itself securely in place ready for use. Taking into consideration the number of parts that are incorporated, the traditional Toner Case Cartridge is relatively expensive.

Solid Ink Systems
Solid ink is a non-toxic, waxy resin based polymer that is manufactured into rectangular blocks. They are numbered and separated by shape so that they are correctly loaded into position. Printers and copiers that use these ink blocks need to first melt them before they can be sprayed onto paper. The ink blocks can be loaded all together at once so as to not interrupt the printing process. This technology is used by both laser printers and inkjet printers and is highly efficient and user-friendly. Since it barely has any moving parts, doesn’t require packaging or cartridges, it’s a great alternative for the environment.

With the availability of so many Toner Cartridges in Canada, you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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