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Our quality compatible color toner cartridgesare the best choice for printing high quality color images. Toner powders which are used in color cartridges are made with different quality. Choosing a right powder for the right cartridge is a very tough job in manufacturing process.

Mitsubishi and LG are the main factories for making toner powder for remanufacturing companies. Of course there are a lot of Chinese and Indian companis are making the same powder for mono and color printers. But the quality of Mitsubishi and LG are the best.

Temperature and humidity are the two major factors that is taken into account when the big factories start to make toner powder. Cold weather can cause faded and light image and humidity will cause toner leak and toner drops on the page.


Also the the quality of toner particles which are some type of polymer or in other word plastic is very important to make darker or stronger image.
Different factories make different quality powder. The major ingredients are styrene acrylate copolymer and polyester resin which are combined with different color pigments.

These ingredients are mixed together and make the real toner powder.



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