Toner Cartridges: Meeting Your Printing Needs with Green Solutions

While printing is essential in the office or at home, choosing the right kind of ink and toner cartridge for your printer can save on costs without having to compromise on quality.
Ink and Toner
Cartridge Types
OEM cartridges are produced by the same printer manufacturers. They are branded and produce excellent printing results. The manufacturer provides warranties, guarantees and are priced more than any other type of cartridge. Developed by a third party company, Compatible cartridges are more affordable and fitted with a state of the art connection chip. Also known as Generic cartridges, the quality of ink, size, design and look may vary depending on the manufacturer but they can be used in a wide array of printers. Toner Canada manufacturers their own cost effective, quality Compatible cartridge.

Remanufactured cartridges are actually dismantled OEM’s. Cleaned and restructured they are extremely affordable. Since a toner cartridge can hold for a 3-4 life cycle, they can be refilled and reused. Refilled cartridges will deliver a low page yield or have problems with leakage. Solid ink cartridges are an environmentally friendly option, developed specifically for solid ink printers. The cartridge is made of a waxy material which provides bright and vibrant color tones.

Ink versus Toner Cartridge
In terms of initial investment costs, ink cartridges are definitely cheaper since they used traditional dye based inks which blend colors vibrantly and brightly. Laser printer toner cartridges on the other hand use a powder like substance known as toner. While monochrome laser printers use a single black toner cartridge, color printers use four separate toner colors to print. It is able to produce a greater output and works out cost effective if large amounts of printing is required.

While both inkjet printer and laser printers offer excellent quality, the performance speed depends on how much a person is willing to spend. The quality of colors and color images delivered by Inkjet printers is definitely more accurate and of much better quality. Laser printers do better with just high volume black and white document printing at high speeds.

Recycling Printer Toner Cartridges
The amount of waste generated by used cartridges and its inability to decompose quickly has got the attention of large printing companies who have now made a commitment to reducing and recycling. Many of the manufacturing companies of OEM toner cartridges are now promoting return program schemes. The used up cartridges are returned and then refilled at a lower price. OEM’s are also remanufactured, where their worn out parts are recycled and replaced with premium parts.

Toner Cartridge Refill is the best and cheapest recycling solution since the cartridge can be used several times. Recycling of cartridges create new products and provides a cheaper printing alternative. It also saves water, energy, resources, conserves the environment and reduces greenhouse gases. Remanufactured cartridges are close to 70% cheaper in price than OEM’s and deliver good quality printing.

Modern Laser printing is all about faster printing, better quality and cheaper costs and newer technology is producing Toners that will meet those requirements in the best way.

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