What to Look for in a Great Supplier of Printer Ink Cartridges

Cartridges are the life-blood of all printers and have a great impact on the quality of the prints. Hence it becomes important to carefully choose printer cartridge refillsof the highest quality. Your ink refills would have to be purchased according to your printer hardware as different manufacturers produce refills of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, be sure to note the exact make of your printer before you place any orders. If not, you would just be wasting time ordering the incorrect one and sending it back for the right one. Here’s a look at what a great supplier of printer cartridges can offer.


The quality of the ink and the prints it produces are obviously of great importance. Inferior quality ink will not only produces bad prints, but in some cases, can also cause damage to your printer. With the right supplier, you should be able to source greatest quality ink cartridges. Many people strongly prefer OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer ink refills as there can be no room for error in terms of quality of the ink. However, this is comparatively a very costly option.

Compatible Refills

You could either buy OEMHP printer cartridgesfor your HP printer, or you could also buy compatible refills that are manufactured by a different manufacturer. The first option would cost you much more than the second one. Compatible refills are manufactured to suit the particular printer in question. They are available at much better prices, and you could save a great deal. However, it is very important to choose a supplier who can give you the guarantee of quality. It is definitely not a good idea to compromise on quality for the cost, but with the right supplier, you wouldn’t have to.


If you do choose to go with compatible ink refills, be sure to check the warranty offered. A good provider would offer warranty of 1 year. This way, you could easily get your cartridge replaced if you find and problems with it. There are suppliers based out of Canada that offer both original and compatible Brother ink cartridges, who ship to the US too. You can enjoy great quality as well as lower rates by working with such a supplier. Some of them can even ship your orders on the same day as you order them, so searching around a bit to find such a supplier.

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