When You Get the Sign that Toner Is Low!

Follow the instructions for Brother MFC 9970cdw toner reset.

1.Open the Cover.
2.Press the #1 quickly.

If you don't press the number 1 quickly, the printer would keep faxing. For the stop working, you could try to close the door and try again. Sometimes unplugging for a while would help you to get toner reset menu.

3.There would show the choices to reset the toner on your touch screen.

4.Choose the colour you wish to reset.

    • For Black, select K. TNR STD
    • For Yellow, select Y. TNR STD
    • For Cyan (Blue), select C. TNR STD
    • For Magenta (Pink), select M. TNR STD


You won't have the sign "your toner is low" any more :)

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