Recycling Toner Cartridges Near North Vancouver

As a company at Toner Parts, we have experienced so many phone calls regarding how to recycle the used toner cartridges. One thing we want you to know is that we are working extremely hard to recycle all of the used cartridges by our consumers, or at least provide them with the right and correct information on how to recycle their used products.

We have a on-site recycling program at our North Vancouver warehouse. Now, what happens to the used cartridges when they leave out warehouse? These products require special processing to recover materials and removed from its original. This happens through variety of refining and smelting processes, the materials reclaimed from unwanted parts are used as raw materials in the manufacturing new products.

For the consumers that are far far away, we respectfully ask, if they could recycle the products at any Save-On-Food Recycling Departments or Staples Recycling Departments around the country for free. Yet, TonerParts is still searching and evaluating different ways that we could help sustain a better environment. Therefore, we would ask for your opinion, what you think would be the most convenient way of recycling?

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