What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Compatible Toner Cartridge Online

When people hear how much they can save by purchasing compatible toner cartridges online, they rush to buy. Often they pay too much or don't get the quality they deserve. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you will get a quality compatible toner cartridge that will give you the same quantity and print you've come to expect. The best toner suppliers will also give you a no-nonsense money back guarantee and service second to none. Here's what you need to know about a company before you order your toner cartridges online.

1. Company Information
The longer a company has been selling toner cartridges online, the better. Look for companies that have two or more years of experience online. Next, be sure you are able to contact the company in multiple ways. For example:

  1. Street addresses are better than Post Office boxes.
  2. The toner company should provide a toll free number.
  3. The company will provide an email address to answer any questions you have about your compatible toner cartridges.

2. Website Information
Good online companies provide easy to understand and easy to use websites. They usually offer such information as:

  1. A Glossary of Terms to explain all the details about the toner cartridges they sell.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answer the most commonly asked questions received by the toner vendor.
  3. The company Refund Policy should clearly explain how to receive a refund, if necessary. It should also state the period of time for which refund is available.
  4. The company Exchange Policy should explain how to get an exchange on a toner cartridge, the time required and procedures the company will follow.
  5. If for some reason you decide to cancel your compatible toner cartridge order, how do you do this. At what point can you ask for a cancellation. Normally, when your toner cartridges are shipped, you'll have to request a refund.

3. Easy Product Selection
Finding and ordering the exact compatible toner cartridge should only take a couple of minutes. Most companies allow you to search by laser printer name or toner cartridge number.

4. Discount Prices
The reason you purchase toner cartridges online is to save money. Be sure to verify the complete cost, including shipping cost (if any). You total cost should be considerably less than what you have been paying... and you won't spend your gas money or waste your time standing in long lines.

5. Money Back Guarantee
Your toner cartridges should have an unconditional money back guarantee. That means if you're not satisfied with your compatible toner cartridges for any reason, you will get a prompt and full refund.

6. Shipping Information
As you finalize your toner cartridge order, be sure to verify three things:

A. What is the shipping cost of your toner cartridges? In most instances, it will be free.

B. When can you expect to receive your compatible toner cartridges? Most online companies ship the same day, if possible.

C. What company will deliver your compatible toner cartridges? Is it US Postal, UPS or FedEx? This lets you know what to look for and expect.

7. Privacy Policy
You give personal information when you order toner cartridges online. What does the company do with this information? You really don't want the company to sell you information to other companies so you can get more junk mail or spam!

8. Secure Server
Always verify the company uses a secure server. This will insure your personal information remains private. It is actually safer to order using a secure server than to pay by mail. Check out the FAQ section to learn about site security.

9. Order Tracking
Many online toner cartridgemerchants provide a way for you to track your order. Sometimes, this is through the shipping company. Although this is not essential, it is convenient. It's nice to know where your toner cartridges are and when they will arrive.

10. Referral from a Friend
Always take the opportunity to talk with others that have ordered compatible toner cartridges online. Ask them what they paid? What was their experience with the toner cartridges? Would they buy another compatible toner cartridge from the company? Did they have to contact the company? If so, what was their experience?

If you follow the guidelines above, you can expect to receive the best warranty, service and compatible toner cartridges in the industry... not to mention the money you'll save.

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