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Compatible Canon CRG-128 3500B001 Toner Cartridge Black 2.1K

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  • Barcode:728795418601
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Purchase this Toner Cartridge Compatible with Canon 3500B001A for a fraction of the price from This Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following printer models: Canon FaxPhone L100, Canon FaxPhone L190, Canon ImageCLASS D520, Canon ImageCLASS D530, Canon ImageCLASS D550, Canon ImageCLASS D560, Canon ImageCLASS MF4412, Canon ImageCLASS MF4420, Canon ImageCLASS MF4420n, Canon ImageCLASS MF4450, Canon ImageCLASS MF4550, Canon ImageCLASS MF4550d, Canon ImageCLASS MF4570, Canon ImageCLASS MF4570dn, Canon ImageCLASS MF4570dw, Canon ImageCLASS MF4580, Canon ImageCLASS MF4580dn, Canon ImageCLASS MF4770, Canon ImageCLASS MF4770n, Canon ImageCLASS MF4880, Canon ImageCLASS MF4880dw, Canon ImageCLASS MF4890, Canon ImageCLASS MF4890dw. At Toner Parts, we focus on providing you with the lowest prices and the highest quality of products and service.

Technical Details

  • High Yield 2100 Pages
  • Black
  • Brand New Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • Compatible with: 3500B001AA, 3500B001, 3500B001A, Type 128, Canon 128, Canon128, CRG-128, CRG128
  • 3 Years Shelf Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • This product is manufactured by: Canon

This Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following printer models:

Canon FaxPhone L100
Canon FaxPhone L190
Canon ImageCLASS D520
Canon ImageCLASS D530
Canon ImageCLASS D550
Canon ImageCLASS D560
Canon ImageCLASS MF4400 Series
Canon ImageCLASS MF4412
Canon ImageCLASS MF4420
Canon ImageCLASS MF4420n
Canon ImageCLASS MF4450
Canon ImageCLASS MF4500 Series
Canon ImageCLASS MF4550
Canon ImageCLASS MF4550d
Canon ImageCLASS MF4570
Canon ImageCLASS MF4570dn
Canon ImageCLASS MF4570dw
Canon ImageCLASS MF4580
Canon ImageCLASS MF4580dn
Canon ImageCLASS MF4700
Canon ImageCLASS MF4770
Canon ImageCLASS MF4770n
Canon ImageCLASS MF4880
Canon ImageCLASS MF4880dw
Canon ImageCLASS MF4890
Canon ImageCLASS MF4890dw

*Page yield information is an estimate based on 5% toner coverage per page. However, this depends on many factors such as, temperature, humidity, printed material, your printer and the type of paper you use.