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Compatible Lexmark 12A7362 12A7462 24B2540 Toner Cartridge Black 21K

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Purchase this Toner Cartridge Compatible with Lexmark 12A7462, 12A7362 for a fraction of the price from This Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following printer models: Lexmark T630N, Lexmark T630DN, Lexmark T630DT, Lexmark T630TN, Lexmark T630VE, Lexmark T630DTN, Lexmark T630NVE, Lexmark T630TNVE, Lexmark T632, Lexmark T632N, Lexmark T632DN, Lexmark T632TN, Lexmark T632DTN, Lexmark T632DTNF, Lexmark T634, Lexmark T634N, Lexmark T634DN, Lexmark T634TN, Lexmark T634DTN, Lexmark T634DTNF, Lexmark X630, Lexmark X630 MFP, Lexmark X632, Lexmark X632E, Lexmark X632S, Lexmark X632E MFP, Lexmark X634, Lexmark X634E, Lexmark X634DTE. At Toner Parts, we focus on providing you with the lowest prices and the highest quality of products and service.

Technical Details

  • High Yield 21000 Pages
  • Black
  • Toner Cartridge
  • Compatible with: 12A7362, 12A7462
  • 3 Years Shelf Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • This product is NOT manufactured by: Lexmark

This Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following printer models:

Lexmark T630N
Lexmark T630DN
Lexmark T630DT
Lexmark T630TN
Lexmark T630VE
Lexmark T630DTN
Lexmark T630NVE
Lexmark T630TNVE
Lexmark T632
Lexmark T632N
Lexmark T632DN
Lexmark T632TN
Lexmark T632DTN
Lexmark T632DTNF
Lexmark T634
Lexmark T634N
Lexmark T634DN
Lexmark T634TN
Lexmark T634DTN
Lexmark T634DTNF
Lexmark X630
Lexmark X630 MFP
Lexmark X632
Lexmark X632E
Lexmark X632S
Lexmark X632E MFP
Lexmark X634
Lexmark X634E
Lexmark X634DTE

*Page yield information is an estimate based on 5% toner coverage per page. However, this depends on many factors such as, temperature, humidity, printed material, your printer and the type of paper you use.