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Compatible Ricoh 885288 TYPE 2120D Toner Cartridge Black 11K

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Purchase this Toner (1 X 360G) Compatible with Gestetner, Lanier, Ricoh, Savin 885288 for a fraction of the price from This Toner (1 X 360G) is compatible with the following printer models: Gestetner 2212, Gestetner 2712, Gestetner DSM622, Gestetner DSM627, Lanier 5622, Lanier 5627, Lanier LD122, Lanier LD127, Lanier LD225, Lanier LD325, Lanier LD330, Ricoh AFICIO 1022, Ricoh AFICIO 1027, Ricoh AFICIO 1032, Ricoh AFICIO 2022, Ricoh AFICIO 2027, Ricoh AFICIO 3025, Ricoh AFICIO 303, Ricoh AFICIO MP2510, Ricoh AFICIO MP2550, Ricoh AFICIO MP3010, Ricoh AFICIO MP3350, Savin 2522, Savin 2527, Savin 4022, Savin 4027, Savin 8025, Savin 8030. At Toner Parts, we focus on providing you with the lowest prices and the highest quality of products and service.

Technical Details

  • High Yield 11000 Pages
  • Black
  • Toner (1 X 360G)
  • Compatible with: 885288, 888169, TYPE2120D, TYPE2220D, TYPE2320D, 841337 888169 9870 480-0068 717-0035
  • 3 Years Shelf Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • This product is NOT manufactured by: Gestetner, Lanier, Ricoh, Savin

This Toner (1 X 360G) is compatible with the following printer models:

Ricoh Aficio 1022
Ricoh Aficio 1027
Ricoh Aficio 1032
Ricoh Aficio 2022
Ricoh Aficio 2022SP
Ricoh Aficio 2027
Ricoh Aficio 2032
Ricoh Aficio 3025
Ricoh Aficio 3025P
Ricoh Aficio 3025SP
Ricoh Aficio 3025SPF
Ricoh Aficio 3025SPI
Ricoh Aficio 3030
Ricoh Aficio 3030P
Ricoh Aficio 3030SP
Ricoh Aficio 3030SPF
Ricoh Aficio 3030SPI
Ricoh Aficio MP 2352SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510P
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510PF
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP 2510SPI
Ricoh Aficio MP 2550
Ricoh Aficio MP 2550B
Ricoh Aficio MP 2550SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 2550SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP 2851
Ricoh Aficio MP 2852
Ricoh Aficio MP 2852SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 2553
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010P
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010SPFI
Ricoh Aficio MP 3010SPI
Ricoh Aficio MP 3053
Ricoh Aficio MP 3350
Ricoh Aficio MP 3350B
Ricoh Aficio MP 3350SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 3350SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP 3351
Ricoh Aficio MP 3352
Ricoh Aficio MP 3352SP
Ricoh Aficio MP 3353
Gestetner 2212
Gestetner 2712
Gestetner DSM622
Gestetner DSM622SP
Gestetner DSM627
Gestetner DSM725
Gestetner DSM725E
Gestetner DSM725EP
Gestetner DSM725ESP
Gestetner DSM725ESPF
Gestetner DSM725ESPI
Gestetner DSM725P
Gestetner DSM730
Gestetner DSM730E
Gestetner DSM730EP
Gestetner DSM730ESP
Gestetner DSM730ESPF
Gestetner DSM730ESPI
Gestetner DSM730P
Gestetner MP2550
Gestetner MP2550B
Gestetner MP2851
Gestetner MP3350
Gestetner MP3350B
Gestetner MP3351
Lanier 5622
Lanier 5627
Lanier 5632
Lanier LD122
Lanier LD122SP
Lanier LD127
Lanier LD225
Lanier LD325
Lanier LD325SP
Lanier LD330
Lanier LD330SP
Lanier LD425B
Lanier LD425SP
Lanier LD533
Lanier MP2352SP
Lanier MP2553
Lanier MP2852
Lanier MP2852SP
Lanier MP3053
Lanier MP3352
Lanier MP3352SP
Lanier MP3353
Nashuatec MP2550
Nashuatec MP2550B
Nashuatec MP3350
Nashuatec MP3350B
Savin 2522
Savin 2527
Savin 2532
Savin 4022
Savin 4022SP
Savin 4027
Savin 4027SP
Savin 8025E
Savin 8025EP
Savin 8025ESP
Savin 8025ESPF
Savin 8025ESPI
Savin 8030
Savin 8030E
Savin 8030EP
Savin 8030ESP
Savin 8030ESPF
Savin 8030ESPI
Savin 9025B
Savin 9025SP
Savin 9025SPF
Savin 9033B
Savin 9033SP
Savin 9228
Savin 9233
Savin MP2352SP
Savin MP2553
Savin MP2852
Savin MP2852SP
Savin MP3352
Savin MP3352SP

*Page yield information is an estimate based on 5% toner coverage per page. However, this depends on many factors such as, temperature, humidity, printed material, your printer and the type of paper you use.