OEM Brother 1030I Correctable Film Ribbon Cartridge 50,000 Character - Dot Matrix

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Use Ribbon With Brother Ax, Gx, Ml, Sx Typewriters; Em30, 31, 31-11, Wpt Word Processors; Correctronic 140, 145, 300, 300m, 310, 320, 340, 350, 355, 360, And 380; Em30, Em31, Em31ii, Em350, Em350e, Gx6000, Gx6500, Gx6750, Gx6750sp, Gx7000, Gx7500, Gx7750, Gx8000, Gx8250, Gx8500, Gx8750, Gx9000, Gx9500, Gx9750, Ml-100, Ml-300, Ml500, Sx14, Sx16, Sx23, Sx4000, Wp1150, Wp1250, Wp1350ds, Wp1400d, Wp1450ds, Wp1500d, Wp1600d, Wp1700mds, Wp1800, Wp2200, Wp230b, Wp2400, Wp2410, Wp2410ds, Wp2450ds, Wp2500q, Wp2600q, Wp2800q, Wp330mds, Wp335b, Wp3400, Wp3410, Wp3550, Wp3600d, Wp3650d, Wp3900ds, Wp480, Wp490, Wp4u, Wp5500ds, Wp5550mds, Wp5550mdsplus, Wp5600mds, Wp5750ds, Wp5850mds, Wp5900mds, Wp60, Wp620, Wp65, Wp660, Wp66e, Wp760d, Wpt470, Zx1700, Zx1900, Zx30, And Zx50. Correctable Film Ribbon Yields Up To 50,000 Characters.