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OEM Lexmark 40X5168 Pickup Rollers Set of 2

  • Vendor:Lexmark
  • Barcode:0728795437206
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$39.95 CAD
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Technical Details

  • OEM 
  • Original Pickup Tire (Set of 2)
  • Compatible with: 40X5168
  • Warranty
  • This product is manufactured by: Lexmark

This Pickup Tire (Set of 2) is compatible with the following printer models:

Lexmark X548de
Lexmark X738de
Lexmark CV546dtn
Lexmark X734de
Lexmark X736de
Lexmark C734n
Lexmark C734dn
Lexmark C734dw
Lexmark C736n
Lexmark C736dn
Lexmark CS736dtn
Lexmark C540n
Lexmark C544n
Lexmark C543dn
Lexmark C544dtn
Lexmark C544dn
Lexmark C544dw
Lexmark XS734de
Lexmark CS736dn
Lexmark C540dw
Lexmark XS736de
Lexmark X748dte
Lexmark XS748de
Lexmark X746de
Lexmark X748de
Lexmark C746dtn
Lexmark C748e
Lexmark C746n
Lexmark C746dn
Lexmark C748de
Lexmark CS748de
Lexmark CS510dte
Lexmark CX310dn
Lexmark CS410dtn
Lexmark CS510de
Lexmark CX410e
Lexmark CX310n
Lexmark CX410de
Lexmark CX510dhe
Lexmark CX510de
Lexmark CS310dn
Lexmark CS310n
Lexmark CS410dn
Lexmark CS410n
Lexmark X543dn
Lexmark X543dn
Lexmark X544n
Lexmark X544dn
Lexmark X544dn
Lexmark X544dtn
Lexmark X544dtn
Lexmark X544dw
Lexmark X544dw