Are you paying way too much for your replacement toner cartridges?

What do you really know about Compatible Toner Cartridges? Do you know how much a quality compatible toner cartridge will save on your printer budget? Every time you purchase an OEM replacement toner cartridge, you pay twice what you should pay. I know. I did this for several years.

Most people don't know enough about compatible toner cartridges. Some think compatible toner cartridges will void their warranty. That's not true. In fact, it's against the law. Others believe the Quality and Quantityof print will not be as good. That's also not true. Compatible toner cartridges are manufactured to the exact OEM standards of your laser printer. They are guaranteed to be as good or better than the original cartridge. They will print the same number of pages with the same quality.

Perhaps the real reason most people haven't discovered how to cut their replacement toner cost in half is they believe what major printer companies are saying. Major printer companies spend thousands of dollars every year to discourage you from trying a compatible toner cartridge.

I think it's ironic. Did you know many major printer companies are selling you compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges? The problem is, you're paying full price for their brand name toner cartridge. Look at your package label. See if it says, "Manufactured from new and recycled parts"... enough said.

When you purchase original replacement toner cartridges, you will pay nearly seven times as much for toner cartridges as you paid for your laser printer. This is based on a normal printer life expectancy of five years. If your laser printer lasts more than five years, which many do, you will pay more.

I was very happy with the laser printing results I was getting. I was quite reluctant to try a compatible laser toner cartridge. Finally, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try just one compatible laser toner replacement cartridge. After all, it was half the cost of my original toner cartridge.

The first thing I noticed was the print of the Compatible Toner Cartridgewas as good as the original toner cartridge. I figured that wouldn’t last… I was wrong. In fact, the compatible cartridge actually printed more pages than my original HP toner cartridge.

After doing some extensive research, I found out that many original toner cartridges are not filled to capacity. These toner cartridges print the number of pages given in the company specifications. However, I found that when the toner cartridge was completely filled with toner, you get more pages from the same toner cartridge.

I guess I accidentally purchased my first compatible toner cartridge from a reputable company. They had filled the toner cartridge to capacity. I not only got more pages of print with the same quality, but I also paid less than half of what the original HP toner cartridge had cost. When I calculated the cost per page, I was saving 70%by using a compatible laser toner cartridge.

Needless to say, I purchased another compatible toner cartridge and I got the same results. The only thing that has changed over the years is I now pay much less for compatible laser cartridges.

I must confess that over the 15 years period I did purchase one compatible cartridge that simply didn't work right. I contacted the company to report the problem. The company actually sent me another toner cartridge the next day… at no cost to me.

What I have learned is this… To cut your printing budget in half, purchase compatible toner cartridges..

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