Canada number one ink and toner cartridge here in Vancouver

You’re on the horns of a dilemama.  You need to print out that quarterly report for the sales meeting, but you are out of toner.  As always, due to the crazy high cost of toner, you’re left with the mental debate of whether you should take out a small business loan and go grab up a trusty double pack of black toner, or should you buy that new printer and take advantage of the free cartridge of toner that comes with it?  It’s truly a sad state of affairs.  Happily, at TonerParts we understand the quandary and have been providing professionals with rational toner compatible solutions for more than a decade.

Enjoy the Benefits of Compatible Ink and Toner...

There is absolutely no reason to pay the exorbitant cost demanded by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to keep the paperwork flowing in your home or office.  That’s where our huge line of compatible toner cartridges comes in and saves the sales meeting.

Simply stated, a generic toner cartridge in one that is not manufactured by the OEM, but are designed to meet and exceed the design specifications of the named brand item at a fraction ofthe cost.  Great pains are taken to ensure that our compatible cartridges produce the same print quality and page yield.

Don’t turn a simple print job into a nightmare of loan applications and bank approvals.  We are Canada’s number one supplier of affordable ink and toner supplies, so we want to help you get those copiers humming again quickly and inexpensively.

Fast Turnaround From our Vancouver Facility...

Generally speaking, when you need copier, or fax machine, toner you always tend to need it sooner rather than later as a rule.  As such, we are proud to announce the opening of our newest distribution center in Vancouver, British Columbia that is designed to get your order to your front door within as little as two business days via ground.

We process and ship your order within 24-hours of receiving it, and our state of the art facility has a fully integrated tracking system so you always know exactly where your order is at all times.  Take the cost out of buying, and the stress out of receiving your critical toner supplies.  Regardless of your model, we probably have the perfect cartridge for you:

·         Dell

·         IBM

·         Konica

·         Panasonic

·         Sharp


·         Toshiba

·         Many, many more...

Call TonerParts for Compatible Toner Needs...

Headquartered in Vancouver, at TonerParts, we have been serving the needs of Canadian and American businesses since 2001.  We specialize in delivering quality printing solutions in the form of superior compatible (generic) toner and ink supplies to the thirsty printers of North America.  Call or stop by online to see the vast array of compatible ink cartridges that are guaranteed to save you money regardless of the model and brand you are working with.  Expect great customer service and lighting fast turn around from our new shipping facility in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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