How To Reset Drum Error For Brother DCP 7065dn

When you replace the drum unit with a new one for Brother DCP 7065dn,
we usually receive the following error.

- Replace Drum
- Drum End Soon
- Drum Near End
- Drum Stop

In order to fix this error message, we have to process the following instruction on the printer:

1. Turn on the machine before you start.

2. Open the front cover.

[caption id="attachment_924" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Brother DCP 7065dnOpen the front cover[/caption]

3. Press Clearor Clear/Backon the control panel.

*Note: It could be different to have the format of a control panel, but there is a button for Clearor Clear/Backon the right side of the LCD screen.

4. Follow a direction according to your case.

- For the numeric keypad, Press 1to reset the drum counter.
- For the other type of keypad, Press the Up Arrowkey to reset the drum counter

Brother DCP 7065dnKeypad[/caption]

5. Finish with Accepted sign on your LCD screen and close the front cover.

We are providing a compatible drum uint, DR420, for Brother DCP 7065dn printer also toner cartridge TN450for this printer is available  with good quality and low price.




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