Must Know Facts About Laser Printer Cartridges

Choosing a printer is always a dilemma for many. With so many different kinds available today we are hard pressed usually to find one that is most suitable for our needs. The biggest question we have to face up to is whether to go for a laser printer or an ink-jet one.

Cost factor

Inkjet printers though cheaper are not the same as laser printer when it comes to razor sharp images and quality of print. Moreover, laser printers with toner Laser Printer Cartridgeswill eventually prove to be more economical than inkjet printers as their printer ink costs more. Toners Laser Printer Cartridges are also know to be very long lasting as compared to jet ink cartridges.

Things to remember while buying Laser Cartridge ink

It is wise never to buy cheap ink cartridges as this will prove to be detrimental to your printer in the long run. Although it may not seem so, use of bad quality Laser Printer Cartridges will bring down the performance of your laser printer and affect its functions adversely. It is best to buy them from a reliable place as a cheap Laser Cartridge can leak and cause damage to your valuable printer.Laser Printer Cartridges

Function of an efficient Laser CartridgeA good quality laser cartridge should give you impeccable prints throughout its life. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s advice while buying them. They should give you the same number of printed pages if not more, as specified by the company for that particular model. However, it is also true that if you do not take good care of your printer the number of yield pages will only keep decreasing. Laser Printer Cartridges

Care to be taken while using the Laser Printer CartridgesLaser Printer Cartridges are known for its beautiful impeccable and efficient print quality.  The following precautions will go a long way in getting the most out of your Laser Cartridge.

  • Switch the printer’s main switch off before changing the cartridge.
  • Shake the cartridge thoroughly before opening the seal
  • Remove the rip strip which is a small tab, carefully without spilling any toner, from the side of the cartridge. If you fail to do this the printer will only print blank sheets.
  • Turn the power on and print some test sheets.
  • At any given point of time do not try to open the cartridge.
  • Store Laser Printer Cartridges in room temperature only and never leave them in any kind of a vehicle, as extreme temperatures can cause them to melt.
  • When after prolonged use if the ink seems faded then shake the cartridge vigorously after taking it out to get some more pages of it. This can be done at least twice before you can eventually throw the Laser Cartridge away.
  • Some areas of the cartridges are light sensitive and hence the cartridge should be protected from direct sunlight.

If used properly as they ought to be you can get optimum use of your Laser Printer Cartridges.

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