Purchase the right Toner Cartridges for True Printing Innovation

Laser printers use powder instead of ink for printing purposes. This is a set up that includes a drum and powdered colour also known as the toner. The powdered toner is delivered from the cartridge to the paper through an electrostatic mechanism that involves laser.


Quality Printing

The system is much faster compared to the inkjet system. It can produce higher quality printouts in comparison to inkjet printers at a high speed. Another advantage is that the supplies are much cheaper than the inkjet, due to the speed and efficiency with which they printout bulk work.

There are essentially two types of toner printer cartridgesin Canada. You could categorize them as coloured and monochromatic. There are printers that are made specifically to only produce monochromatic prints - meaning they only print in black and white Monochromatic toner cartridges are easy to replace and generally much cheaper than the coloured ones.


Manufactured and Remanufactured

No matter the kind of printer that you may have, you will have to do some research regarding the replacements and the suppliers. This also determines the price of the parts you will need to order in near future.

The OEM stands for Original equipment manufacturer. It means the manufacturer of the equipment in this case the printer supplies the parts such as the printer cartridge. The claim from the OEM is that the products they produce are superior because they are designed with that particular equipment in mind. This claim hardly holds any merit given that there are other independent manufacturers that produce parts of comparable quality.

Some branded OEMs have tried to push consumers to use their parts or else get their warranties voided. For example, Canon users would have to use Canon ink cartridgesor else they will not be able to claim the warranty. This is however a practice that is considered unethical and is even unethical in some countries.


Cheaper and more Affordable Options

Besides the branded OEM, there are remanufactured toner cartridges. The remanufactured ones are cheaper and easier to work with than OEMs. They are also more eco friendly given that the remanufactured parts are made from recycled plastic.

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