Reset "Toner Life End" Error Message on Brother Printers

This information is for Brother MFC-7420N and Brother MFC-7820N:

If you get the "Toner Life End" message on your screen after you change a new toner cartridges, there are something wrong :

But To get ret rid of  "Toner Life End" Error Message is really simple and need only basic steps.

Follow the below steps.

Step 1  Open the Front Cover to Access the Toner Cartridge.

Step 2   Press "Options" button while machine is on.

Step 3  Press "Start".

Step 4   Press "1" and "0" quickly. It is like typing the number "10".

If you don't press number quick enough, you will have to start from the beginning.

Step 5   Wait until the printer shows "Accepted" sign on your screen.


After following the above instructions, you would be able to print your contents!


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